A brief history of MediaWest*Con

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Part 1:  A New Hope

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A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away...


It was a time of great rebellion.  Spurned by some general Science Fiction fans and conventions, derided by some as "Trekkies," Star Trek Fandom broke away and grew as a distinct fandom in its own right, holding its own conventions and publishing its own fanzines.

When Star Wars began to generate a fandom of its own, some Star Trek fans felt threatened by this sudden upstart and began to treat Star Wars fans as badly as they had been treated.  Others, however, thought there was room for a variety of interests, and Media Fandom was born.

It was during this period that Lori Chapek-Carleton and Gordon Carleton became involved in fandom, founded T'Kuhtian Press, and became known as the publishers of fanzines such as Warped Space.

Despite the upsurge in interest in SF/Media, fan-run conventions began to dwindle in the late 1970's, due, in part, to the increasing cost of speakers' fees, and to the increased competition of conventions run for profit (which, in turn, increased the cost of speakers' fees...).  Something had to be done.

So we did.

Under the tutelage of KWest*Con veterans Paula Smith and Sharon Ferraro, a format was conceived:  an SF/Media convention run by fans, for fans, with no paid guests.  It had been observed that at conventions with little or no Media programming, fans would gather in the halls, or wherever they could, and have their own discussions, workshops, etc., but it was anyone's guess if there would be enough interest to support an entire convention without the drawing power of professional authors, actors, etc..

There was, and there is.

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