MediaWest*Con 40 -- May 22-25, 2020 -- Robots Rule!

Sources for Official MW*C Information:

Updates -- mediawestcon.wordpress.com is the offical MW*C weblog for the latest updates. Put your e-mail address in the "subscribe" box to get the updates e-mailed directly to you, or visit regularly to keep informed. You do not need to sign up for any service to access updates.  

The MW*C Blog is for official announcements;  it is not a discussion list. E-mail us if you would like something posted, such as 
for seeking rides and roommates.

Official Website -- www.mediawestcon.org for information on all things MW*C (you're looking at it!)

Progress Reports -- PRs will be sent to Attending and Supporting members by e-mail in PDF or by regular mail. As they come out infrequently, we recommmend members regularly check Updates/Blog and the MW*C website to get information faster.

Twitter -- Short updates and announcements are now available on Twitter @MediaWestCon and @mwcprogramming for programming updates.

There is also an official MediaWest*Con general info page and MW*C 39 event page on Facebook (not to be confused with fan pages on FB or any other service). The MW*C FB organization page and event pages are for official announcements; they are not discussion lists.  We also have FB pages for info relating to Fan Quality Awards, Fan Fund Auction, Masquerade, and Fannish Video.

MediaWest*Con 40 Staff

Website: www.mediawestcon.org, E-mail: mediawestcon@aol.com
MediaWest*Con, 200 E. Thomas St, Lansing MI 48906-4047

Co-Chairs -- Lori Chapek-Carleton & Gordon Carleton, e-mail: MediaWestCon@aol.com

Membership/Registration (records, data entry, onsite), Transportation — Lori Chapek-Carleton, as above

Communications (e-mail, publications, website), Data Output (membership badges, lists), Graphics (logo, T'shirt design) — Gordon Carleton, as above

Art Show -- Art Show Director: Gordon Carleton (as above); Karen Klinck & staff will be running the Art Show under his supervision at the convention itself.

Plays -- c/o Gordon Carleton, as above

GoFers -- Jeanne SullivanTEXT ONLY at 206-621-9840 (NO CALLS ACCEPTED)

Con Suite -- Jeanne Sullivan, as above

Video -- see Con Suite

Programming -- Scott Clark, 7210 Francis St., Lincoln, NE 68505-1545, e-mail: mwcprogramming@gmail.com

Party Suite -- Scott Clark, as above

Flyers -- Scott Clark, as above

Fan Quality Awards -- Jan Keeler, 22440 Dickenson Rd., New Boston MI 48164-9455, e-mail: dinah8994@aol.com

SF/Media Fan Fund -- Laura Keeler-Britt, 22440 Dickenson Rd, New Boston MI 48164-9455, e-mail: laurabritt58@gmail.com

Dealers -- PRE-CON: Kim Vanderlaan, e-mail: dealers.mwc@rogers.com; AT-CON: Jim & Brenda Gasahl gas1961jim@yahoo.com

Masquerade — Andre Lieven, e-mail: andrelieven@yahoo.ca. ENTRY FORM

Security — Seth Cutts, ph. 517/230-8162

Hotel Liaison – Carol Lynn, e-mail: hotelliaison@mediawestcon.org

Lansing Liaison -- Carl Tielking, 1205 W. Hillsdale St., Lansing MI 48915, ph. 517/993-3284

Door Decoration Competition -- Kim Dyer, e-mail kimbus@aol.com. ENTRY FORM

General Suggestions (not specific to departments above) -- mwclistens@aol.com


If you are associated with other conventions, we are willing to trade program book ads or maybe swap tables or at least send flyers. Contact us for details.

A printable flyer is available in PDF for those who would like to help promote MW*C 40. Please let us know if you can take printed material to distribute at conventions or other fannish events.

Progress Reports

Miscellanea entries are free for fannish announcements, members needing roommates, rides, or other things likely of interest to members.


We will have designated areas for flyers at the con. See RULES regarding flyer content.

Flyers may be shipped by non-attending members, conventions (see above RE: flyer exchange), etc. to: MediaWest*Con, 200 E Thomas St, Lansing MI 48906-4047. Please label "FLYERS" on the outside of the package. Please ship early enough they will arrive a few days before the con.

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