MediaWest*Con 27 -- May The Fen Be With You -- May 26-29, 2017

SF/Media Fan Fund

Laura Keeler-Britt, 22440 Dickenson Rd, New Boston MI 48164-9455, e-mail:

The SF/Media Fan Fund is designed to assist a fan in attending a convention of his/her choice, that he/she would otherwise be unable to attend.  Donations are always welcomed and encouraged.

We have revamped the SF/Media Fan Fund nomination and voting process in the hopes of getting more participation.  Nominations will be taken up to just before the con, and voting will be done AT the con.  This will help deadlines better coordinate with MW*C PRs, allow us to raise awareness at the con, and allow the recipient to have a year to plan rather than scramble at the last minute.

Nomination deadline has been extended to May 8!

To request a copy of the 2017 nomination form by mail, please send a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) to:

SF/Media Fan Fund

c/o MediaWest*Con

200 E. Thomas Street

Lansing MI 48906-4047

Originally founded as the Star Trek Fan Fund by the editors of Halkan Council, sponsorship was taken over the following year by T'Kuhtian Press in 1978 (in conjunction with T'Con) and continued until 1980 when it was sponsored by Poison Pen Press (in conjunction with Mos' Eastly). T'Kuhtian Press has continued to sponsor the Fan Fund since 1981, then known as the Media-Oriented Fan Fund, and later as the SF/Media Fan Fund.

The earliest Fan Fund recipients were Gerry Downes (attended SeKWester*Con Too 1977), Ann Looker (attended August Party 1978), Kay Johnson (attended Terracon in England 1979), Toni Cardinal-Price (attended Star Trek America 1980), Susan Matthews (attended MW*C 1981), and Valerie Piacentini (from Scotland, attended ChiCon IV 1982).

No nominations were received for the 2016 SF/Media Fan Fund, so there was no award.

The winner of the 2015 SF/Media Fan Fund is Elaine Batterby.

There was no ballot for 2014 SF/Media Fan Fund as we received no nominations.

2013 Fan Fund co-recipients are Mary Schmidt and Ann Walton.

There were no nominations, and therefore no recipients, in 2011 and 2012.

Susan Graham was the 2010 Fan Fund recipient.

The 2009 Fan Fund winner was Barbara (Leanna) O'Rourke-Drake. She attended MW*C 30.

As there were not enough nominations to require a 2008 ballot, a cash award was made to Barbara Drake as the sole nominee, and her name was carried over to the 2009 Fan Fund ballot

Yum@ was the winner of the 2007 SF/Media Fan Fund. She attended MW*C 27.

Due to a lack of nominations, there was no 2006 SF/Media Fan Fund recipient.

Due to a lack of nominations, there was no 2005 SF/Media Fan Fund recipient.

Elaine Gustainis was the winner of the 2004 SF/Media Fan Fund, and attended MW*C 24.

The winners (tie!) of the 2003 SF/Media Fan Fund was Jean Coleman and Jean Thrower. They both attended MW*C 23.

Maryann Walther Keisel was the winner of the 2002 SF/Media Fan Fund.  She attended MW*C 22.

Cathie Whitehead was the sole nominee for the 2001 SF/Media Fan Fund (one nominee was ineligible & one declined nomination).  She attended MW*C 2001.

The winner of the 2000 SF/Media Fan Fund was Joyce Yasner. She attended MW*C Y2K.

The winner of the 1999 Fan Fund was Carolyn Golledge.  She attended MW*C 19.

The 1998 Fan Fund winner was Shirley Maiewski.  She attended MW*C 18.

As there were not enough nominations to require a 1997 ballot, a cash award was made to Martynn (MaryAnn Walther Keisel) who was the sole nominee, and her name will be carried over to the 1998 Fan Fund ballot;  she attended MediaWest*Con 17.

The winner of the 1996 Fan Fund was Pat Nussman;  she attended MediaWest*Con XVI.

The winner of the 1995 Fan Fund was Carolyn Golledge;  she attended MediaWest*Con 15.

The winner of the 1994 Fan Fund was Linda Shadle;  she attended MediaWest*Con Fourtoon.

As there were not enough nominees to require a 1993 ballot, a cash award was made to Johanna Bolton who was the sole nominee, and her name was carried over to the 1994 Fan Fund ballot.

The winner of the 1992 Fan Fund was Rolaine Smoot;  she attended MediaWest*Con 12.

As there were not enough nominees to require a 1991 ballot, a cash award was made to Susan Clarke who was the sole nominee, and her name was carried over the the 1992 Fan Fund ballot;  she attended MediaWest*Con '91/11.

(Looking for 1983-1990 winners)

The winner of the 1982 Fan Fund was Valerie Piacentini (of Scotland); she attended ChiCon IV.

The winner of the 1981 Fan Fund was Susan Mathews; she attended MediaWest*Con 1.

The winner of the 1980 Fan Fund (sponsored by Poison Pen Press in conjunction with Mos'Eastly) was Toni Cardinal-Price; she attended Star Trek America.

The winner of the 1979 Fan Fund was Kay Johnson; she attended Terracon (England).

The winner of the 1978 Fan Fund was Ann Looker; she attended August Party.

The winner of the 1977 Fan Fund (sponsored by Halkan Council) was Gerry Downes; she attended SeKWester*Con II.

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