Scott Clark, 7210 Francis St., Lincoln, NE 68505-1545, mwcprogramming@gmail.com
Twitter: @mwcprogramming
Planning Documents will be on Google Docs once available

Programming at MediaWest*Con is conducted under the philosophy of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations);  differences of opinion are to be expected, but personal attacks will not be tolerated.  Programming is determined by member input and participation, and is intended for an adult audience.  Adult guardians of minor children are responsible for their actions.  We do not censor adult content in panel topics.

When suggesting topics, please keep in mind that that the majority of topics should reflect MW*C’s core interest of science fiction and fantasy. News, sports, so-called “reality” shows, game shows, etc. are generally outside our purview unless they have some sf/fantasy or other fannish content. Cardassians yes, Kardashians no.

It’s that time again! Time to start building another MediaWest*Con programming slate!

But first an introduction – I'm Scott Clark, and I've agreed to carry on the coordination of Programming (and Party Suites) from Elyse and Dawn, due to their not being able to attend MediaWest*Con in 2018. I've been attending since MW*C 6, way back in 1986, with only one missed year (2016). I regularly participate as a panelist on at least 5 to 6 panels each year, and have been an active producer of Fannish Music Videos for the MW*C vidshow (I'm the guy who makes the annual "tribute video" – pass the tissues!). My wife and I have also been the hosts of the popular annual MediaWest*Con Whose Line is it Anyway live improv event on Sunday at the con every year since 2006 (guest-hosted in 2016).

NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS: I'm launching an all-new e-mail address for submitting your MW*C programming suggestions and questions: mwcprogramming@gmail.com. Please add it to your e-mail address books. Please do NOT simply reply to this mwcprogram Yahoo Group! Please be aware that as you contact me at that address, I'll be adding YOU to the list for future general MW*C Programming announcements, including the upcoming stage of "Signing Up for Panels", unless you specifically ask to not be contacted.

Also watch the replacement Twitter feed for MW*C Programming – @mwcprogramming – for updates. [https://twitter.com/mwcprogramming]

Right now I am looking for panel suggestions. With so many platforms on which to watch TV shows now (network, cable, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, CBS All Access, etc.) there are surely many ideas. Remember, we have at least four tracks of programming running at the same time.

I'm just looking for panel ideas/topics right now. Be wild! Be crazy! Be creative! What fannish interests have kept you going this past year? What are the hot current fandoms that deserve a panel, and what classic retro fandoms still generate enough fannish love to justify some panel space? What do think your fellow fans will be interested in discussing in May?

Deadline for suggestions is February 28th, 2018 and panel sign-ups will start shortly thereafter. As always, suggesting a topic DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY PUT YOU ON THAT PANEL. That is the next phase, in March!

As always, your Categories include:

A. Television
B. Movies
C. Actors
D. Literature (books, magazines, comics, etc.)
E. Fandom (fan fiction, fandom)
F. Internet (blogs, social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
G. Games/Gaming (includes boards games, computer games, RPGs, MMORPGS, Steam, Smartphone App Games, etc.)
H. Creative pursuits (hobbies, fannish videos, Furries, filking, crafts, etc.)
J. Workshops (can be on nearly anything – you can suggest a workshop and run one)

All you need do is send an e-mail to mwcprogramming@gmail.com with SUGGESTIONS in the subject line and then your suggestions, such as:

A. Star Trek: Discovery (CBS A.A.) – Staking out new Star Trek territory, or Boldly going back to pre-Kirk times to mess up continuity?

B. Star Wars: The Last Jedi – I can't believe what they did to [fill in your favorite character]?

D. Ursula K. Le Guin – remember the groundbreaking Grandmaster of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

H. Adult Coloring Books – Share your favorite fannish coloring books and where you've found them!

As you are submitting suggestions, please put each suggested panel idea/topic on its own separate line.

Again this year, for "TV" shows, PLEASE cite the channel/network/venue the series is on, as there are now so many platforms (i.e., Sherlock (BBCA), Grantchester (PBS), The Man in the High Castle (Amazon), Discovery (CBS All Access), West World (HBO), etc.). Thanks!

If the panel is slash, please put either ‘slash’ or ‘/’ in the topic.

If you want to do a workshop that you will run, let us know the topic, how long it will be (average 2 hours), and any special needs you expect to have. If you are already volunteering to run a unique workshop at this early stage of the process, please let me know that at this time – that is the one type of programming I am willing to take early sign-ups for.

Any questions, email us at mwcprogramming@gmail.com

-- Scott Clark, Lincoln, NE

Party Suite

Scott Clark, as above

MW*C provides space, at no cost to all its members, to host parties or other events in the Party Suite.

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