MediaWest*Con 39 -- Relaunching May 24-27, 2019

MediaWest*Con 39 Dealers

Kim Vanderlaan is the PRE-CON Dealers Room co-ordinator.
Jim & Brenda Gasahl are the AT-CON Dealers Room co-ordinators

E-MAIL: dealers.mwc@rogers.com

Dealers Tables

MW*C 39 Dealer info will be posted when available.

The MediaWest*Con Dealers Room is open to all registered convention members who wish to sell their fannish merchandise. Our dealers sell a wide range of merchandise, including but not limited to, fanzines, clothing, jewelry, & DVD's. Your merchandise should sell well since the MW*C Dealers Room is a high traffic area. It's a favorite place for convention attendees to congregate throughout the convention.

All dealers and assistants MUST have MW*C  memberships before they will be assigned a table. Memberships are NOT included in the price of a table. Please see the membership link above for membership information.

Dealers are responsible for any taxes or licenses for their goods and displays.

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