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Fan Quality Awards

There were not enough nominations to form a ballot for 2020 Fan Qs.

For Fan Q info, send a SASE to:

Fan Q

c/o Jan Keeler

22440 Dickinson Rd.

New Boston MI 48164-9455 USA

The Fan Quality Awards were formalized by the editors of  Halkan Council and awarded in conjunction with SeKwester*Con, Too in 1977, and awarded to work within Star Trek fandom only.  As SF/Media fandom grew, so have the Fan Q Awards.

 T'Kuhtian Press has sponsored the Fan Q Awards through T'Con (1978) and 2'Con (1979), and through MediaWest*Con since 1981.

You do not have to be a member of  MediaWest*Con to nominate or vote for Fan Q's.

Jan Keeler (of Wizard Works) is the Fan Q coordinator.  She can be e-mailed at dinah8994@aol.com

Artist awards go to the artists (not a specific work).  Story and Poem/Filk awards go to the authors of specific works.  'Zine and Nonfiction 'Zine awards go to the editors of specific works;  Stand-alone 'Zine awards may go to either authors or editors of specific works, as applicable.  There are no categories applicable to publishers.

Certificates are awarded at MediaWest*Con;  certificates for non-attending winners may be passed on through those in attendance or by mail.

A minimum of three (3) nominations and at least two (2) different competitors in each Fandom Category are required to qualify an item for the final ballot; however, only the top five (5) nominated items in each Fandom Category will appear on the Final Ballot (more in the case of a tie in nominations).

Those who receive three nominations but do not meet the competition requirement to make the ballot are listed as Honorable Mentions, and also receive certificates.

Past Winners: 

Due to a lack of Fan Q nominations, there was no 2019 Fan Q ballot, and so no Fan Q Awards at MW*C 39.

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