MediaWest*Con 40 -- May 22-25, 2020 -- Robots Rule!

Photos from Masquerades past

Masquerade, cosplay, costume call, fancy dress, call it what you will. Costumers complete on stage to the delight and amusement of audience members and the scrutiny of judges at 10pm on Saturday night. But have no fear, it's all very low-key and all for fun!
Your creativity may also be rewarded with prizes, swag, or even cash --  $100 for best costume!


Andre Lieven, e-mail: andrelieven@yahoo.ca

So, what can I tell you that's new about the Masquerade?  Can I tell you that we have fun?  Yes, but if you've come to enjoy it on Saturday night, either in the audience or as an entrant, you already know that.  So, is you haven't come to watch in the audience or if you haven't participated as an entrant, what's stopping you?  It's still fun.  If you're new to the masquerade, then come and enjoy it. We're always happy to have new faces in the audience and on the stage.

There are some useful things to know, both for folks coming to see the Masquerade, and for folks who are entering for either the first time, or for the first time in a while.

The entry forms for the Masquerade is available here and will be available on the table right by the convention registration desk, and they're available 24 hours a day, until Saturday night.  You can pick them up there, and drop them off in a drop box on that table.  I'm around the con all weekend, so, if you have any questions for me, just come up and ask me. I'm happy to help.

On Saturday, after the last panels end in the Ballrooms, and the hotel staff are resetting the room for the Masquerade, I will be there for at least the hour between 6 and 7 PM.  For anyone who wants a good look at the stage and where entrants will come on and off stage, that's a great time to see all that and work out your moves. You don't have to come at that time, this is purely optional.

For those entering the Masquerade, please get your entry forms in as early as you can.  While I like what people entering late add to the show, the sooner I get your entry forms, the easier I can put you all in an on-stage order that helps display all that you are going to do to the best.  So, while I don't have a hard deadline, at least getting entry forms in by Saturday at 6 helps us both out.

Any entries that have any recorded music and/or dialogue for their performance, please put them on a CD.  We have had so few requests for cassette in recent years that we've dispensed with that capability.

There is now a MW*C Masquerade page on Facebook.

Cosplay, hall costumes, etc. are also welcome throughout the con.



Gordon Carleton, e-mail: mediawestcon@aol.com

Performace space is provided Saturday night from 7pm to 9pm before the Masquerade. If you have a skit, play, or other performance you'd like to do, submit the script, lyrics, etc. -- we'd love to see it! Casting calls can be posted online and in the Progress Reports.

Short skits can also be done during judging of the Masquerade. Many short skits are done as part of the Masquerade itself.

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