MediaWest*Con 39 -- Relaunching May 24-27, 2019

FanFic Reading Room

Laura Keeler-Britt, 22440 Dickenson Rd, New Boston MI 48164-9455, e-mail: laurabritt58@gmail.com

The FanFic Reading Room is located in the Waverly Room, across the lobby from the Ramada reception desk. If there are enough GoFers, the room will be open 24 hours a day. If there are not enough GoFers, then the operating hours will be posted. Volunteer to be a GoFer!

'Zine Reading Room

HISTORY: In 1982, the Star Wars saga and Star Trek were the focus of most fannish activity with a few other fandoms along the edges. All fannish writing was in the form of print fanzines, very few fans had computers or VCRs, and the Fan Q ballot was 1/2 page. How time and fandom has changed!

Its original purpose was to give con attendees a chance to see and read fanfic in fanzines that they did not have other access to. As time passed, the 'Zine Room became, in a small way, a fanzine archive with a permanent loan collection of over 400 classic and out-of-print 'zines covering 25 fandoms and over 25 years of fannish creativity. To this core purpose other functions have been added over the years.

FAN Q DISPLAY: With the increasing diversity of the Fan Q Awards and of fandom itself, the FanFic Reading Room has become the area to display Fan Q nominated material lent to it by the nominees. This gives voters a chance to see a wider array of items before making their votes. We encourage all current Fan Q nominees to loan examples of their nominated works to the FanFic Reading Room; either the 'zines themselves and/or photo-copies of individual stories or examples of artwork.

FANZINE "ADS": To aid the sales of fanzine editors and dealers at MW*C, the 'Zine Room started making special notations on loaned 'zines that were also for sale at the con. There is a list kept of where these 'zines are being sold in order to inform the interested reader where to find the sellers. Anyone selling 'zines at the con is invited to loan a copy of their 'zine and let us know where at the con they will be dealing.

FANNISH CHARITIES: The FanFic Reading Room displays the items for and runs the silent-bid auction to support the SF/Media Fan Fund. The FanFic Reading Room also runs a silent-bid auction to benefit the postal costs of the Fanzine Archives. If you would like to donate items of fannish interest to either of these charity auctions, please notify us either by mail or e-mail of what you will be bringing to the con. If shipping of your donated items is necessary, please send them to the con address: MediaWest*Con, 200 East Thomas St., Lansing, MI., U.S.A. 48906-4047, Attention: Fan Fund. Please notify Lori and Gordon in advance if you are going to be shipping items to them.

FANZINES: The main function of the FanFic Reading Room remains: to give the con attendees the best chance to see the widest possible array of fandom's creative efforts in print form. In common with all other aspects of MW*C, the 'Zine Room relies on member input. We especially need 'zines that are current, with Fan Q nominees in particular being wanted.

FANZINE LOANS: If you are intending to loan 'zines to the con, please let us know either by e- or snail mail. It would be very helpful if you could take 2-3 minutes to note down the information on your 'zines and send this info to us before the con. We need to know: name of 'zine; fandom/s, year published, rating, Slash or Gen, if being sold at the con, and a very brief idea of contents -- novel or anthology, humour, poems, fiction or non-fiction etc., and if a Fan Q nominee this year. If you aren't able to send this info to us before the con, you can still bring your 'zines to the con and give us the info there.

If you are not able to bring your 'zine/s to the con or send it/them with a friend, you could mail it to the con address with "Attention: Fanzine Reading Room" on the envelope. If you wish the 'zines to be returned, please include a SASE with sufficient postage.

The permanent loan collection has been cut down greatly in size. Therefore, the MW*C permanent loan collection will focus mostly on current 'zines, the most-read 'zines, and a few representative 'zines of each fandom we have. This will leave the FanFic Reading Room with much fewer 'zines. Hopefully, 'zine loans, especially temporary ones, of newer 'zines will fill out our selection of 'zines for the use of the membership.

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